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Experience Designer

I'm Dan Selden

Formerly a landscape architect, I've spent the last decade designing and developing for the web. I'm fascinated by the intersection of the physical and digital and I'm passionate about building experiences that bring these worlds closer together. I currently work as a Sr. Product Designer for Ticketmaster's enterprise tools—designing enterprise-grade ticketing software and services for the biggest and best in live entertainment.

Past Clients

Recent case studies are password protected, please reach out if you would like access.

Older Work

Buster Exchange

Buster makes booking charter travel easy, fun, and fast. We search thousands of vehicles for every trip, and show you the options simply so you can make the best choice, at the best price. Compare real vehicle photos, amenity packages, and total or per-person prices easily. And we only work with operators who meet a high standard to become Buster Verified - checking on safety, service, cleanliness, and vehicle quality - so you can rest assured it’ll be a smooth ride. Ultimately this project aimed to provide an interface for the operators in search of business and consumers in search of a reliable and affordable trip.

BrandUX in collaboration with Made by ManyDesignFront-end Development

Creating Balanced Health

Balanced Health bioenergetically scans for organ stress, toxicity, food and environmental sensitivities, as well as nutritional and hormonal imbalances. Through a customized scan, they identify specific remedies and supplements to bring these issues back into alignment. This project has been an ongoing effort to build a robust reporting system to communicate results Balanced Health and it's customers.


The Bloq

The Bloq

The Bloq is a thought experiment that acknowledges three distinct stakeholders that emerge within successful communities. I refer to them as Dwellers, Leaders, and Municipal Authorities. The Bloq thinks about an experience that bridges these three groups in the hopes of providing a digital infrastructure for building a stronger community. The Bloq approaches this challenge through two types of community oriented actions. Issues, and Ideas. To read an in depth explanation, visit the link below.

Full Explanation


Loop Attachment

At Loop Attachment Co. our aim is to strengthen the relationship between people and their electronics through intelligently designed methods of attachment. Balancing form and function, it is our mission to create products which not only accentuate the technologies that surround us but enhance their role within our daily lives. As we move forward, we will continue to create accessories that give added functionality to the products they accompany and bring a high-end design aesthetic to the consumer at a low price.

CTO & Co-founderVisual DesignFront-end Development



Thesis - MFADT 2013

The Patch Mosaic is an online hub for credentialed and non-credentialed researchers, makers, hackers and scientists interested in contributing to environmental science projects . This communal space and its tools facilitates partnership creation, project coordination and discovery within the expanding world of citizen-based science.
Ping me if you'd like to learn more. It's a huge project.

Website undergoing some shifting patterns.




Squarehub is a series of hardware prototypes that leverage New York's cycling culture to crowdsource environmental data. In it's earliest and most successful form, a fender was equipped some basic sensors, an Arduino, and GSM connectivity. Power requirements became a challenge and the project shifted towards energy generation at the hub in addition to a new all-in-one proprietary board by Xact. With GSM, GPS, and an accelerometer all packaged neatly in a small footprint, it's integration moved to the wheel and Squarehub pivoted towards a modular development platform.




Cubesicle is a modular kit of interactive cubic components that enhance our creative spaces. They aim to reveal our hyperpersonal tendencies through a playful, architectural medium.




Membrane is an open source sensor module that empowers code-based artists through the provision of a publicly available source of spatial metrics. The first prototype consists of pressure sensitive flooring for indoor spaces with an accompanying website that connects users to an API for use in creative coding projects.